I offer a variety of flavours for all cakes, cupcakes, cookies and cheesecakes.

If it isn't listed please ask

I am able to supply, gluten and dairy free in most of my products

Basic Cake Flavours

 Vanilla  -  Vanilla sponge with vanilla butter cream and raspberry, cherry, strawberry conserve 

Lemon  - Lemon sponge made with real lemon juice, lemon butter cream and lemon curd

Orange - Orange sponge made with fresh oranges, orange butter cream, and orange marmalade 

Mint chocolate - Mint chocolate sponge filled with mint chocolate butter cream

Chocolate - Chocolate sponge cake with chocolate butter cream and raspberry, strawberry,     cherry or blackcurrant conserve or chocolate ganache
Coffee - Coffee sponge made with real coffee, coffee butter cream and with the option of walnuts

Lemon & blueberry - Lemon sponge with fresh blueberry's, filled with lemon curd and lemon buttercream

Black Forest - My own recipe, a rich chocolate and cherry cake  
Rich Chocolate Mud - Chocolate sponge with a luxury chocolate ganache filling

Carrot Cake - Carrot sponge with creamy orange butter cream and with the option of walnuts

Baileys Chocolate Cake - Chocolate cake with a creamy chocolate Baileys flavoured filling
Fruit Cake - Rich brandy soaked fruit cake matured for a minimum of 6 weeks with the option of nuts and alcohol

Lavender - A hint of lavender and lemon or vanilla sponge filled with a choice of conserve and butter cream or white chocolate ganache 

Raspberry & white chocolate - fresh raspberry and vanilla sponge filled with raspberry jam and white chocolate butter cream

Cherry and Almond -  Almond sponge filled with vanilla butter cream and cherry jam

Lime and coconut  - coconut spone with lime jam and butter cream

Red Velvet - with vanilla butter cream

Caramac - Caramac sponge filled with Caramac butter cream

Cupcake flavours
Please contact me if there is something you would like in particular

Classic flavours
Vanilla - Vanilla Sponge flavoured with vanilla paste an topped with a Swirl of vanilla butter cream 

Lemon -Lemon sponge topped with a swirl of lemon butter cream. Made with Fresh lemons

ChocolateChocolate sponge topped with a swirl of chocolate butter cream.
Chocolate Orange - Chocolate orange flavour sponge topped with orange butter cream.

Caramac - Caramac sponge topped with caramac butter cream and a slice of caramac chocolate
Rolo - Chocolate sponge with a Rolo hidden inside topped with caramel butter cream and a Rolo
Strawberry cheesecake - Soft vanilla sponge with real strawberry pieces topped with cream cheese frosting, crumbled digestive biscuits and fresh strawberries

Rocky Road - Chocolate sponge with marshmallows topped with chocolate butter  cream, biscuit pieces, mini marshmallows, glacé cherries and chocolate sauce

Chocolate fudge - Chocolate sponge with added fudge and choc chips topped with a swirl of chocolate butter cream and vanilla fudge pieces

Cookies and cream - Chocolate sponge topped with vanilla butter cream and a Oreo cookie

Raspberry & white chocolate - Vanilla sponge with fresh raspberries,  topped with white chocolate butter cream and topped with fresh raspberry's
Black Forest Gateau - Cherry's with chocolate and cherry brandy in a cupcake, topped with vanilla butter cream cherry sauce and chocolate shavings
Apple Crumble - Vanilla sponge with apple purée centre topped with custard butter cream and crumbled shortbread biscuits
Cookie flavours

Vanilla, shortbread and gingerbread
Cheesecake flavours
Available in small and deep dish

Caramac - my own recipe, a creamy non baked cheesecake with caramac and topped with drizzled caramac
White chocolate & raspberry - with fresh raspberry's and white chocolate
Strawberry's & cream - a creamy cheesecake topped with fresh cream and fresh strawberry's
Chocolate -  chocolate base with chocolate filling topped with chocolate shavings 

Eaton mess - vanilla cheesecakes topped with fresh cream, strawberries and meringue

Aero - Mint chocolate cheesecake topped with mint chocolate Aero